Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Here is the last in a series of three improvised meditations on violence. These are one-take, live guitar improvisations using mostly feedback, some real-time loop manipulations, and a little off-mic yelping. I recorded this new one after witnessing a shooting. The others (#1, #2) are also reactions to violence that found itself a little too close to home, literally and figuratively.

It occurred to me while putting this together that violence does not have an antonym other than "nonviolence." Violence is so forceful that in language it forces itself upon its antonym. I don't think "peace" works. Perhaps "humanity," because violence negates our humanity by forcing us into the decision of the feral animal: fight or flee.

Anyway, you don't need to read too much into the music, but it is an opportunity to spend a few minutes thinking about violence/nonviolence.

1. 115th Street
2. In Memoriam
3. My Plea


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