Thursday, April 13, 2006

NCAA Top 25

NCAA Top 25 Euphemisms...

...found in press statements on the Duke Athletics website for the incident during which a stripper reported she was held down, strangled, raped and sodomized by members of the Duke lacrosse team at a March 13 party

1. “this incident” (4)

2. “the current situation” (2)

3. “the Lacrosse Situation” (2)

4. “the controversy involving the men’s lacrosse team”

5. “the latest developments involving the men’s lacrosse program”

6. “behavior that is inconsistent with what is expected of a Duke student”

7. “this case”

8. “the episode”

9. “this episode”

11. “these questions”

12. “the lacrosse team incident of March 13/14th

13. “the party of March 13”

14. “allegations against members of the Duke lacrosse team stemming from the party on the evening of March 13”

15. “this troubled time”

16. “the challenges before us”

17. “the issue that is troubling our community”

18. “the events now rocking our community”

19. “the challenges our community faces”

20. “the immediate situation and these wider challenges”

21. “the legal situation involving team members”

22. “the allegations against the team associated with March 13”

23. “the acts the police are investigating”

24. “the March 13/14th episode involving members of the lacrosse team”

25. “what happened”


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