Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mad Libs, Pt. I: Libby's First Day in the Pen

Drunk j-school students play Mad Libs at a bar, Part I:


I. Lewis "Gromer (the slutty one)" Libby arrived at the penitentiary accompanied by his douser, his sister, Justin Timberlake, and his three pet snakes. Gromer fucked everyone in his entourage, then approached the jailor.

The jailor took Gromer by his nostril and led him to his juicy cell. Gromer looked behind him sleazily, savoring his last moment of freedom.

“Here’s your new home,” said the jailor steadily. “I hope you find it fantabulous.”

“Well, well, well,” said his cellmate, who stood in the corner of the cell bungy jumping his cock. “If it isn’t Gromer Libby, famous Washington dildo."

D'oh!” said Gromer. “George W. Bush!” “It’s been 69 years since Parthenon-Gate. You’re still here?”

“Yes, Gromer, I’m still here. I was only supposed to get 5 years, but a guard caught me puking my cellmate’s ear.”

Gromer sat down on his bunk, put his navel in his intestine, and cried for the first time in his life.

_________ (name of Muppet)
_________ (professional occupation)
__________ (family member)
____________ (celebrity)
________ (type of pet, plural)
_________ (Muppet name)
_____________ (verb past tense)
_____________ (Muppet name)
_____________ (body part)
______________ (adjective)
_____________ (Muppet name)
___________ (adverb)
____________ (adverb)
___________ (adjective)
_____________ (verb ending in –ing)
_____________ (noun)
_____________ (Muppet name)
________ (noun).
_____________ (interjection)
_____________ (Muppet name)
________________ (famous D.C. political criminal)
_______ (number)
__________ (noun, capitalized)
_____________ (Muppet name)
_________ (verb ending in –ing)
___________ (body part)
_____________ (Muppet name)
___________ (body part)
___________ (body part)

Part II: A Notebook, A Cause, A Jail Cell, and A Deal


Blogger bruce w said...

friggin' brilliant, although who the hell is "gromer?"

charm city represent.

12:06 AM  
Blogger disappearingink said...

Dunno. Everyone insisted on using obscure Muppets. I asked for Muppets because Scooter was a Muppet.

3:19 AM  

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